Powerful Fat Slimming Patch (100pcs)


Are you tired of struggling with your weight?


Are you tired of going to gym?

Are you tired of taking pills?

Are you tired of drinking slimming teas?

Is 2019 your year of change?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you MUST try our Powerful Fat Slimming Patch. Stop struggling with your weight, loose it and MAINTAIN!

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Path to Success

1 Gallon of water a day, 8 hours of sleep, eat healthy, plus 1 powerful slimming patch every single to help you lose a lots of weight.

Follow this steps for 28 days minimum and you will lose weight. However for long lasting results, we advice our customers to use our patches for 180 days. Get our limited discounted bundle deal for better results.



Apply one patch per day.
You may apply the patch on various areas, although applying the patch directly over the navel area will increase results.
Apply each evening before you go to bed and remove the next morning.
Always drink plenty of water and keep yourself properly hydrated while wearing the patch.
In order to get a good result, we strongly recommend you apply it for 90 days as one period of treatment.
1. Defecate may be increased or excretion with oil in the first time applying, don’t worry.
2. Drinking 8 cups of water (200 ml per cup) in one day, is recommended for toxin discharge.
3. Do not eat oily food ,spicy food , coffee when you use the patch
4. Do aerobic exercise half an hour per day, help you to get good slimming result.


Avoid using on sunburned, damaged skin, swollen, blemishes or inflamed skin.

Pregnant women, the elderly, hyperthyroid and hypothyroid patients and children should not use this product.

Stop using the products if you feel any discomfort. Store in cool (room temperature) dry and dark conditions.

For external use only.

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