Seduce Her The Right Way – Compliments Women Fall For


Seduce Her The Right Way - Compliments Women Fall For

American and French women want compliments of their clothes, while the British want to hear about their figure, according to a survey carried out by a site for dating.


However, women of all nationalities enjoy compliments for their lips.

Recently a survey was conducted on Badoo, one of the most famous sites for dating. The results of this research show that the most effective way to start a conversation with a lady is to compliment her lips.

The web site with more than 87 million registered users, performed the analysis of phrases most used in flirting. The study involved more than 200 thousand customers, who spoke 11 languages.

Namely, users who were part of the survey, commenced discussion using 12 different compliments addressed to female appearance.

Accordingly, the team of researchers determined which compliment causes a reaction and how it is successful enough for further conversation.

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Thus, girls from Spain enjoy compliments about their hair, while German and Canadian girls – for their skin.

Strange but true – Portuguese and Dutch girls want to receive compliments for their ears. But the majority of women “fell” for compliments about their lips.

British expert on the study of human behavior, Joe Hammings explains that such compliments women consider bold and intimate.

“Women love men who take the initiative and are determined.” – says Hammings.

The author of the book “Love Signals”, David Givens, claimed that these results make sense because women always take care of their lips.

“From teenage years onward, women are obsessed with their lips, polishing them with different colors of lipstick. It dates back to the time of ancient Egypt.”– outlines the British author of bestsellers.

So, next time you go out looking for a girl to seduce, try to compliment her lips and see what that brings you.

And have a great Friday and a nice weekend gentlemen!

Seduce Her The Right Way - Compliments Women Fall For

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